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Save time creating policies and procedures with HR Advance

Policies and procedures have an important role to play in managing your business, however they can expose you to legal risks. View all documents and policies.

For example, if it is a term of an employee’s contract that they comply with a policy (which can also be inferred from the language in the policy) and your business does not follow the policy, you may be at risk of a breach of contract claim if the employee suffers damage as a result of your failure to follow the policy.

Other legal claims which may arise from the content and implementation of policies include:

•  Sexual harassment claims
•  WHS prosecutions
•  Discrimination claims
•  Unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
•  Trade Practices Act claims
•  Breach of contract claims, and more.

You can check out a list of Policy documents available on HR Advance here.


What are the risks?

The legal risks can be significant and the compensation awarded can run into the millions, therefore it is important that your business takes steps to reduce these legal concerns. HR Advance will help you build and store policies to enhance your legal compliance.

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