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Keep on top of your HR requirements with HR Advance

Running a business is a job that often requires you to be on the clock 7 days a week. Trying to fulfil your HR requirements whilst ensuring that you look after your staff can be time consuming and confusing. 

HR Advance makes it easy.

Our employee management dashboard allows you to create and upload employee profiles for all of your staff and attach relevant documents to an individual, meaning you’ll never struggle to find a policy or employment contract again.

Creating custom documents is easy – in a matter of minutes you can create a contract of employment, code of conduct, termination letter and much more, before uploading it to your employee profile for future reference. 

The 200+ documents contained within HR Advance are backed by leading employment firm, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, offering you assurance and peace of mind.

The knowledge centre contains a wealth of information, created to give you a better understanding of people management and legal requirements, whilst helping you solve your HR problems.

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