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HR Advance assists Australian employers in setting up the documentary basis for employment relationships. It provides guidance through checklists, automated documents and forms.
There are 4 categories of important documents which you will find on this website: 
  1. The fundamental contractual document — the Contract of Employment
  2. A source document for employment conditions, which fills the gaps and supplements the contract of employment — this is either an award, an enterprise agreement or an Individual Transitional Employment Agreement (ITEA). Most employees’ conditions are regulated by one or more of these documents, except for very senior employees.
  3. Policies applicable to a business or a particular worksite.
  4. Communications between an employer and employee that may vary or qualify contractual terms, or may clarify and explain arrangements set out in the employment contract or the principal source document.
NB: the Contract of Employment is enforced by contract law, while an Award, Enterprise agreement or ITEA is enforced by an industrial tribunal or agency.
Click here for more details on Contracts of Employment and registered Agreements
Click here for more details on Policies
Click here for more details on Communications

Other useful documents

 HR Advance also contains:
1. Checklists and forms are used to ensure consistency and to streamline your employment practices;
2. News and news archive; and
3. Links to legislation and awards.

Logging in

 Subscribers should log in to the website whenever you first visit the site. Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top banner on-screen. Log in with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, either click on ‘Forgotten password?’ below the log-in box to be emailed your password, or contact ABL on 13 26 96. Accept the Conditions of Use by clicking ‘Accept’.

Finding out about the documents

There are 2 ways to find the documents you need:
1. By topic (the main topics are listed across the top navigation bar on your screen)
If you decide to find the documents you need via the topic 'tabs' at the top of your screen, you will find supporting information on both the topic and the documents. For example, if you click on the 'Employee Conduct and Performance' tab, you will find information on:
  • What is Employee Conduct and Performance?
  • Important points to note concerning Employee Conduct and Performance
  • Performance Assessment Checklist
  • Your business — what documents do you need?
  • How do these documents interrelate?
2. By type of document (if you are looking for a particular type or category of document, eg a sample policy or a sample letter, these are listed down the left-hand navigation bar). 
Each category of documents starts with information on how to use those particular documents, for example 'How to use these policies' or 'How to use these forms' and so on.
Links to other web sites are provided where appropriate.
Customising documents — subscribers
Click on any document listed under any of the topic categories at the top of your screen, or in the classification on the left-hand navigation bar and you will be taken to the commentary page for that document. General information on that document is available here.
Read this information to help you decide whether the document is appropriate for your needs.
Creating your document
Click ‘Download’ to start creating your document.
Many of the documents in HR Advance have been designed with in-built logic. You will be asked a series of questions in an ‘interview’ and your answers will determine the content of the final document. For example, you might be asked what an employee’s name is. Your answer will be automatically incorporated into the final document.
Proceed through the interview by answering all questions and clicking Next when you are finished with each page.
If you want to stop the interview partway through, you can save your answers by clicking 'Save' and following the instructions on screen to save your interview answers to a file on your computer. Later on, you can use the "Load" button to resume where you left off.
Clicking 'Quit' at any stage of the interview will exit without saving your answers.
At the end of the interview, choose either to create your document in Word format (recommended) or as a PDF document.
Save the document to your computer. Once you have saved and closed your final document, click 'Quit' to return to the HR Advance website.
Note: Some documents do not require an interview process.  
Viewing documents — non-subscribers
Certain documents on HR Advance are available for purchase on a one-off basis. Note that non-subscribers cannot view the commentary on each document, nor can they view the actual document itself until they have made their purchase.
Fee For Service Purchases are considered complete once the interview process has started. The purchaser must complete the document in one session and may not save an uncomplete document to finish at a later time.
If you need help, technical and editorial assistance can be initiated via ‘Contact Us’.