Subscription options

HR Advance is a multi award winning website that gives you access to a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR, IR and Safety documents including contracts, policies, forms, communications, and checklists. All documents come with extensive notes on their use and application.

HR Advance is backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, so you can be sure that the proforma documents are both compliant with the latest legislation and legally sound.

Features and Benefits

  • All your employment documentation requirements are in one easy-to-access repository
  • Ability to create documents, including Contracts of Employment that are customised to your business
  • Regular updates to the document library to coincide with the latest legislation mean that you can always be certain that you are up to date
  • Regular email alerts to keep you informed of changes to legislation and subsequent changes to the documents will help you manage the impact of change on your business

Subscription options

HR Advance has a range of access levels. You can purchase a single document, access a collection of essential documents, or gain full access to the entire document library.